Regular Residential Furniture Upholstery Cleaning Keeps Your Furniture Attractive For Guests

Keeping your upholstered furniture clean and odor free is challenging, especially when you have kids and pets. You'll need to use spot removers on them and vacuum regularly to pull out dirt and pet hairs.

The challenge with cleaning upholstered furniture is that you have to be careful about getting it wet or mold can grow under the upholstery. That's why you can hire a residential furniture upholstery cleaning company to use their cleaning equipment to get your furniture clean without worrying about mold. Here's the way it works.

The Best Cleaning Method Is Determined

Different fabrics are cleaned in different ways. The cleaning service may test the fabric for colorfastness to determine the right cleaning solutions and techniques to use. Water extraction is often used to clean furniture since the water can be pulled out before it seeps too deep into the furniture.

Pretreatments Are Done

If your sofa has stains, the cleaning service will probably treat those individually for a greater chance of removing them successfully. They may also precondition your sofa to break up dirt so it can be removed easily with the water extraction machine.

The Furniture Is Cleaned

All kinds of furniture can be cleaned including dining room chair seats, sofas, and recliners. Each piece of furniture has its own challenges. Dining room chairs might have food stains, a recliner might have dirt ground into the arms, and a sofa might have pet hair, spilled drinks, and odors.

A water extraction machine uses steam and cleaning detergents to wash the layers of the upholstery without soaking into the stuffing. Each pass of the cleaning wand should produce a cleaner-looking surface.

Cleaning alone gets rid of many odors, but if your sofa or recliner has a particularly foul odor, the cleaning company might deodorize it with an odor-neutralizing treatment.

The Furniture Is Allowed To Dry

Even though water is extracted during the cleaning process, the upholstery will be damp. The upholstery service may set up air blowers if necessary, but they may also let your furniture dry naturally over the next few hours depending on the situation.

Cleaning the upholstery on your furniture makes a big difference in how well your furniture ages and how it looks. You may want to have your furniture cleaned on a set schedule so it looks and smells great for the holidays and other special occasions when your house is full of guests. If you have pets that like to sleep on the couch or recliner, you may want your furniture cleaned more often, especially if you have high-quality furniture you want to last a long time.

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