The Benefits Of Professional Steam Cleaning For Carpets

Vacuuming a carpet, even daily, does not remove all the dust and allergens carpet fibers collect. Just as people wash hard flooring instead of only sweeping, a steam clean removes the stains and grime a vacuum cannot. A professional deep cleaning can keep the carpet looking and smelling better and improve the air quality in the home.

Limits of Vacuums

Homeowners must vacuum carpets regularly to remove debris that can weigh down the fibers and age the material prematurely. Vacuums help rid the home of some allergens, dirt, and pet hair but do not have the suction ability to remove debris that settles below the carpet. The dirt remaining can cause odors, aggravate allergies, and potentially encourage mold growth.

Vacuuming and spot treatments of stains will not remove all the mess. Even if cleaned immediately, liquids can reach the carpet pad and cause bacteria and mold growth. A residential carpet shampooer may remove the debris on the top layer but lacks the power to deep clean. It may also worsen problems by not removing all the detergents it deposits into the fibers. 

Protection for Carpets

Professional steam cleaning can lengthen the life of a carpet by removing the debris that can tear and flatten carpet fibers. The damage will make the carpet look older and less colorful. Compacted carpet the material loses the springiness and softness that make it desirable.

Steam cleaners remove dirt gently. Many methods of deep cleaning can include scrubbing motions that damage the material. Older carpets with loose fibers or previous damage may not withstand aggressive cleaning methods.

Professional cleaning prevents the mistake of using the wrong product on the carpet. Each material used for carpeting can react differently to cleaning chemicals. Some materials can become discolored by specific products. Professional deep cleaning services can identify the carpet type and treat it accordingly.

Benefits of Steam

Professional steam cleaners use less water and more heat. Less water usage enables the carpet to dry sooner, so mold growth does not begin. Wet carpeting can also collect dust and other debris. If any detergent remains in the fibers, the carpeting can look dirtier after a cleaning.

Killing bacteria, mold, and viruses can require water to reach at least 140 degrees. Professional steam cleaners heat water to over 200 degrees to produce steam. The temperatures become hot enough to kill fleas and dust mites, so air quality improves, and the home becomes more comfortable for everyone.

Family size, daily foot traffic, pet ownership, and carpet age are all factors that determine how often a carpet needs professional steam cleaning. Homeowners should consider the service a necessary maintenance expense that protects their flooring. One cleaning will enable homeowners to appreciate the value of the service.

For more information on carpet steam cleaning, contact a company near you.

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