Have A Dirty Specialty Rug? Hire A Professional To Clean It

If you have a dirty specialty rug, you should not clean it yourself. If you do, you may damage it by using the wrong technique, using the wrong cleaners, etc. Instead, you can hire a professional specialty rug cleaner to do this for you. Below are some steps they take so your rug will look new again.

Do a Pre Inspection

A technician will come to your home to inspect your specialty rug. They will determine what the condition of the rug is in, the fiber content it is made of, and the dye stability. They will then sit down with you and tell you what you should expect after they clean the rug. Some rug cleaning companies ask you to bring the rug to their location. This inspection is important as this allows them to develop the right type of treatment so your rug will not be damaged. 

Remove Dry Dirt

Your specialty rug likely has a lot more dirt trapped in it than you realize. This is especially true if you have a knotted specialty rug. The dirt is trapped deep into the soil making it difficult for you to remove. When the rug comes back to you, you may be shocked at how much lighter it feels because of the dirt removal. 

The company may use a rug duster. This shakes the specialty rug to loosen trapped dirt. They will make sure this is done on each side of the rug. They have control over the speed of the machine as well as how much vibration is used. This is because these settings are different depending on the type of specialty rug you have. If your rug is very dirty, they may do this more than one time. 

Wash the Rug

They often pretreat the rug before they wash it. This will loosen the fibers so the rug will be much easier to clean.  They also determine if there are any stains on the rug, and if so, treat the stains to remove them. 

These companies have large wash tubs that your rug will be placed in. There is a paddle in the wash tub that churns the rug. The agitation is very gentle, so the rug is not damaged in any way. This allows them to clean your rug without having to use any type of power spraying, brushes, or scrubbing that may damage the carpet fibers. After the rug is cleaned it will be thoroughly rinsed.

Dry the Specialty Rug

The last step of the process is drying the specialty rug. They either hang it up on a special hanger or lay it flat to dry.  This will depend on the type of specialty rug you have and how large it is. 

Drying the rug is important as this will prevent shrinkage. They also make sure no dust or dirt gets on the rugs while they are drying. Once the drug is dry, they will comb it with specialty tools so it will look new when they bring it back to you. 

Talk with the professional rug cleaning company that you hire to learn much more about how they clean specialty rugs.

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