You Should Definitely Tell Your Carpet Cleaning Company These Things

Contrary to popular belief, carpet cleaners do not have a one-size-fits-all approach. Most carpet cleaning companies have several different types of equipment, and also several different cleaning solutions they can use. They can also vary the techniques they use based on customers' needs. Typically, a carpet cleaner will do a basic assessment of your home to determine what strategies are best for them to use. But you can also help them make these decisions by sharing a bit more with them about your needs. Here are some specific things you'll want to tell your carpet cleaner.

Whether you have pets

If you have pets that spend time outside of a cage, let your carpet cleaner know. This includes dogs, cats, and rabbits. Knowing you have pets will ensure the carpet cleaners use a deodorizing cleaner. It will also ensure they use high-suction equipment to remove hair from deeper down in the carpet fibers. Plus, they can be sure to use cleaning solutions that are kind to pets' skin and eyes.

Whether you have kids

Carpet cleaners can typically tell whether you have kids by looking at your carpets. But it does not hurt to share this information, too. If you have kids, the cleaners will know to expect more than the average amount of stains. They'll also make sure they use cleaners that leave less residue so you and your kids can sit safely on the carpet after cleaning.

If your carpet has a warranty

If your carpet is under warranty, make sure you let your carpet cleaning company know. If possible, show them a copy of the warranty. Some warranties require that the carpet is cleaned at a certain interval, or that it is cleaned in a certain way. Your cleaners need to know about this so they can adhere to the proper protocols and maintain your warranty.

If you can move your own furniture

The furniture will need to be moved off your carpet before it can be cleaned. Most carpet cleaners are happy to do this for you. However, you can let them know in advance if you plan on doing this yourself. This will save your carpet cleaners time, and they may bring a smaller crew (and charge you less) with this knowledge.

The more you tell your carpet cleaning company, the better they'll take care of your carpet. Don't be afraid to have an in-depth conversation before your appointment.

Reach out to a residential carpet cleaning company to learn more.

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