3 Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning has many perks. The services will help improve the lifespan of your carpet by removing debris and other dirt. These particles become lodged in your carpet fibers, leading to damage. Cleaning companies also have enough staff to save you time by doing all the work for you. 

A clean carpet is integral to your home's overall appearance. Hence, if your carpet has dirty spots that have refused to come out, you will feel embarrassed whenever you have guests over. If you decide to clean the carpet yourself, here are mistakes you might make.

Excessive Scrubbing

Excessive scrubbing damages your carpet fibers. The fibers will weaken and become loose with time. Then, they will gradually start to detach from the carpet's fabric. Also, aggressive scrubbing pushes the dirt and debris deep into the carpet fibers. As a result, some particles will remain on the carpet even after washing it thoroughly. 

The particles will exert pressure on the fibers, damaging them further. Your carpet will look dull and faded. Some parts of the carpet may have ugly spots that don't go away even after cleaning. Fortunately, professional cleaners use pressurized water to clean your carpet. The water can eliminate dirt from the fibers without damaging them.

Not Removing Spills Immediately

Spills are bound to happen, especially if your carpet is in a busy area such as the living room. You should clean spills immediately after they occur. The longer you wait to wash away the spills, the more the liquid will seep deep into the fibers, making it harder to eliminate them. Your carpet may exude a funny smell that can spread to other areas of your home. 

Moreover, spills can cause dirt and debris to attach firmly to the carpet fibers if they stay too long before cleaning.

Using Harsh Chemicals

You may think using harsh chemicals to clean your carpet is a good idea. However, the chemicals can cause discoloration of your carpet, leading to fading. Some cleaning agents usually leave behind a thick residue on the carpet fibers. Your carpet may feel sticky and uncomfortable when walking on it. 

Some deodorizing powders may also lead to a residue buildup on your carpet. However, not all carpet cleaning solutions are bad. So, if you want to use one, you can do a spot test first to determine whether the detergent is suitable. If you don't know what to do, call professional carpet cleaners to help you. The professionals will also advise you on essential maintenance tips for your carpet.

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