Learn About Softwash Roof Cleaning And Its Benefits

Keeping your roof clean is part of your home's routine maintenance. There are different ways you can go when it comes to cleaning the roof. However, softwashing offers you an effective method that's also environmentally friendly. If you're unfamiliar with softwashing, then this article will provide you with information on the process and its benefits. Here's more on this:  

The basics of softwash roof cleaning

Softwash roof cleaning is a method in which a biodegradable liquid soap is used on the roof to loosen any dirt and debris buildup that's on its surface. Once the buildup has been loosened, then the dirt and debris can then be easily rinsed right off the surface of the roof. 

In some cases, a low-pressure sprayer is used that applies the liquid soap and water solution to the roof. With this method, the solution can often be applied from the ground. In other cases, a pump sprayer can be used to apply the solution. With a pump sprayer, the application will be done by walking along the surface of the roof and applying the solution with the sprayer. 

Once the solution has done its job, then a low-pressure sprayer is usually used to rinse the surface of the roof. The power of this sprayer will generally be just a little stronger than what comes out of a garden hose that has a high-powered nozzle on it. The amount of pressure used on the roof is enough to remove the dirt and debris after the softwash, but not so strong that it will damage older roofs or even knock granules off the shingles. 

The benefits of softwash roof cleaning

The softwashing process cleans without causing damage in the process. One of the great things about softwashing is it gives you a clean roof while using a safe solution. You won't have to be concerned about damaging your shingles, gutters, or other parts of the roof. Also, you won't have to worry about the bushes or grass that are below the edge of the roof being damaged by harsh chemicals or flooding from excessive amounts of water. 

Softwashing will get rid of mildew and mold. Not only will softwashing remove dirt from the surface of the roof, but it also takes care of mildew and mold. This gets the roof looking nicer, and it can prevent foul odors that can develop from mold growth. 

The process helps prevent future problems. Softwashing removes buildups that can affect the drainage and lead to flooded areas. This helps to prevent many types of potential damage, ranging from insect problems to rot and other issues.

Contact a local softwash roof cleaning service for more information. 

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