Is Residential Air Duct Cleaning Necessary?

It's quite easy to forget about cleaning your air ducts because they're out of sight. Many homeowners only remember the crucial role the vents play when they get clogged and cannot properly circulate cool air throughout their house. If you've been overlooking your vents, here are three benefits of air duct cleaning to encourage you to pay more attention to these air tunnels.

Increase Air Quality 

Aside from cooling your indoor spaces, your air conditioner also filters out any allergens that might be floating around in your indoor spaces. However, there are bound to be some allergens that get sucked into the air ducts. So routinely cleaning the air conditioner filters and overlooking the ducts does not completely remove allergens from your indoor spaces. And the longer your air ducts remain uncleaned, the more allergens will accumulate in the tunnels.

At this point, your air conditioner filters will be doing a zero-sum job because much as they might be purifying your indoor spaces, the accumulated allergens in the vents will keep being circulated throughout your home. To increase your home's indoor air quality, it's crucial that you clean both the air filters and the air conditioner vent. Clearing out all accumulated allergens enables you to achieve clean indoor air that would not trigger allergies when inhaled.

Odor Reduction

You have likely noticed oil droplets float in the air when you're busy cooking in the kitchen. You'll also agree that the aroma of your food travels throughout your home when you're meal prepping. As such, it wouldn't come as a surprise to find out that there are odorous molecules that accumulate in your air ducts over time.

If these vents aren't routinely cleaned, the mixture of odor can result in a foul smell that will be circulated throughout your home. To restore your home's freshness, you should commission routine duct cleaning to clear out any odorous molecules that might have settled in the vents.

Prevent Mold Growth

It's quite normal for condensation from your AC unit to settle as moisture in your air ducts. And as you know, this creates the perfect environment for rapid mold growth. So if you don't routinely clean your AC vents, your family could start inhaling mold dust and experiencing inexplicable respiratory irritations.

Routinely contacting your AC technician for air duct cleaning clears out the accumulated moisture before mold has the chance to grow. As such, the vents won't circulate mold dust throughout your home and pose a potential health hazard at your residence.

If it's been a while since your air ducts got cleaned, this is your cue to schedule air duct inspection and cleaning. 

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