Effective Tips For Keeping Your Commercial Tile Flooring Clean

Tile is an extremely durable type of flooring, which can make it an important option for commercial buildings that can expect to see intense foot traffic. Despite the durability of the tile flooring, businesses will still need to follow best practices to keep these floors as clean as possible.

Appreciate The Long-Term Issues Ineffective Cleaning Can Cause Your Tile

Failing to regularly and effectively clean the tile flooring can contribute to several problems and issues for it. For example, the presence of dirt or other abrasive particles on the surface of the tile can lead to it becoming scuffed. This abrasion can also reduce the effectiveness of the protective coating for the tile flooring, which can increase the risk of permanent discoloration occurring to it. Regularly cleaning these floors will be instrumental for avoiding this type of floor damage as well as the air quality issues that the dust and dirt on the floor may be able to cause for the interior of the building.

Avoid Using Abrasive Cleaning Pads Or Cloths On The Tile

When you are cleaning your commercial tile floors, it is always best to use a soft pad, mop, or microfiber cloth for this work. Abrasive pads, worn or hard mop bristles, and rough cotton can all contribute to deep scratches being left behind when cleaning the tile flooring. To minimize the risk of this occurring, the tile flooring should only be cleaned with extremely soft tools and recently changed mop heads. This is especially important when your building is using polished tile, as the abrasion from rough cleaning tools could cause the polished layer to be damaged or even removed.

Include The Grout Between The Tile During This Work

When cleaning the floors, it is easy to focus almost exclusively on the tile itself. However, the grout between the tile flooring will also need to be cleaned. In fact, the grout can be one of the parts of these flooring systems that will be the most likely to become extremely dirty. This is partially due to the tendency of the small openings and gaps in this type of flooring to trap dirt and other materials. Not surprisingly, cleaning the grout can be one of the more difficult parts of this process. In fact, this part of the floor cleaning process may be best left to a professional commercial tile floor cleaning service, as they can quickly and thoroughly clean the grout without damaging the surrounding tiles.

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