See When You Should Call A Water Damage Restoration Professional

Water damage can lead to excessive destruction of your property that may require considerable restoration efforts. For example, it can ruin your furniture, compromise your home's integrity and destroy other valuables. While some of the signs of water damage are obvious, some signs are subtle and may need a trained eye to notice. If you don't want to deal with the severe consequences of water damage, it's vital to understand the possible signs and contact an expert as soon as possible. Here are three signs that is it time to call a water damage restoration service. 

Mold Growth

When there's excessive moisture in your home, moisture growth can develop. While this is a common occurrence, you want to eliminate it as soon as it occurs to avoid further damage. Remember, mold exposure can cause health problems, such as skin, nose, throat, and eye irritation. Living in a damp indoor environment can also lead to asthma and other respiratory issues. 

Do you notice excessive moisture growth in your property? It's an obvious sign that the moisture level is high because of moisture damage. If you want to get rid of the mold permanently, you should consider water restoration first. If you don't do this, moisture growth will come back even if you eliminate it. 

An Unusual Smell

Not all signs of water damage are visible. For example, a small leak in your crawlspace or wall may go unnoticed. However, due to dampness, you may discover an odd smell in your home. If you investigate the cause of the peculiar smell, it could be due to moisture accumulation caused by water damage. 

The smell could be due to mildew and mold growth. Remember, these thrive in a damp area and can start growing on a damp spot within the first 48 hours. Unfortunately, dealing with this problem can be challenging and requires the reliable services of a water damage restoration professional. An expert has the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to handle this water damage problem, ensuring mold growth doesn't continue. 

Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is one of the clear signs you need professional water damage restoration services. Is your home located in a flood-prone area? Does it have well-functioning downspouts and gutters to channel away rainwater from your home? If not, your home is at a high risk of basement flooding. 

Basement flooding can occur because of several reasons. These may include a flooded or leaky appliance. You should regularly check your home's exterior for pooling, cracks, and any possible leaks. 

If you discover any of the above signs, you should call a water damage restoration service, such as All Things Restored LLC, as soon as possible. An expert will investigate your home's situation and provide the necessary solution.

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