Surprising Tips For Cleaning Everything In Your Bathroom

Cleaning the bathroom is no one's idea of a good time. It does not, however, have to be difficult. Here are a few surprising tips on how to clean your bathroom quickly and efficiently, using the right products for the job.

Glass shower door

If you have glass shower doors, you know how hard it can be to clean off the soap scum and mineral deposits. After a few showers, it can build up and be nearly impossible to scrub off. The solution to clean glass, however, is not what you might expect. Believe it or not, but there is no need to use harsh chemicals or excessive elbow grease to clean that soap scum off your glass shower door. You just need to use steel wool. Yes, steel wool. 

Not just any steel wool will do the job, however. Steel wool comes in grades, and you need to use #0000, which is also called super fine. It is soft to the touch and will not scratch the glass. Damp #0000 steel wool quickly cuts through the soap scum and wipes it right off the glass without damaging the glass in any way.  

Once you get the glass clean, there are two ways to maintain it. First, apply a water repellent product, like Rain-X. Car wash companies have been using this trick for years, but it really does help repel soapy water to reduce residue on the glass doors. Secondly, use a small squeegee after each shower to remove any water droplets from the glass. This simple step only takes a minute but will help keep your shower looking sparkling clean. 


Like shower glass doors, the faucets in your bathroom can get dirty. Water splashes on them during average use. As the water droplets evaporate, however, they leave behind minerals, creating spots on the surface of brass and chrome faucets. The minerals are typically due to hard water, and the resulting spots can be tricky to remove. 

Like using steel wool, the solution to cleaning these mineral deposits is unusual. Dryer sheets, sometimes called fabric softener sheets, get the job done quickly. While the sheets are meant to be used to cut down on static in the dryer, they are also good at removing mineral depots on chrome and brass faucets and fixtures. Any brand will work, scented or unscented. 

If you have stubborn spots that won't come off with a dryer sheet, try using just household white vinegar. Vinegar is great for cleaning and has no harsh chemicals. 

To reduce or prevent hard water spots from appearing in the first place, you need to address the hard water. According to the Minnesota Department of Health, a whole-house water softener is designed to "remove calcium, magnesium, and other minerals" from water, which should, in turn, eliminate or greatly reduce the spotting.


While there is no unexpected trick to cleaning your bathroom mirror, you are probably using the wrong cleaning solutions. If you typically clean your bathroom mirror, or any mirror, with a blue spray cleaner, it probably contains ammonia. Ammonia-based products are not good for mirrors, as ammonia reacts with the silvering on the back of the mirror, destroying it over time. 

The best way to clean a mirror is with a soft, lint-free towel and warm water. Do not spray water directly on the mirror but rather wet the cloth instead. When you spray the mirror itself, water can seep behind the mirror, damaging the silvering and turning the edges dark.  

If you are having difficulty cleaning your bathroom or just need an extra hand around the house, be sure to schedule cleaning services on a regular basis.

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