4 Telltale Signs You Should Hire Professionals For Air Duct Cleaning

Your air quality greatly affects the comfort of your indoor space. One straightforward way to maintain a clean, safe, and healthy indoor environment is by scheduling regular air duct cleaning. But how do you tell it's time to clean the vents in your heating and cooling system? Is the frequency constant, or should you watch out for a few warning signs? This piece will cover some warning signs that it's time to call the experts for duct cleaning services.

1. Escalating Utility Bills

Your power bills will fluctuate from time to time but with small margins. However, large margins are an alert to inspect the cause behind the unusual energy consumption in your home. Typically, your HVAC consumes a considerable amount of energy due to the constant heating and cooling needs throughout the year.

Your HVAC should be your first suspect. If you have clogged air ducts, your HVAC works harder than usual to pass air through the system. This explains the sudden spike in your energy bills.

2. Unexplained Health Problems

Poor indoor air quality can result in respiratory problems, such as allergic reactions, asthma attacks, itchy skin, teary eyes, and coughs that don't seem to go away. If all your family members have been complaining of the same respiratory issues and they keep getting worse, you may want to pay attention to your air ducts.

Dust and dirt build-up in air ducts gradually find their way into your home during circulation. Every time the HVAC blows in the air into your house, a dose of contaminants comes with it. Duct cleaning services can help eliminate the problem.

3. Your Home Is Unusually Dustier

Generally, you clean your home thoroughly at least once a week as dust is inevitable in an indoor setting. However, if you have noticed that there seems to be more dust settling on the floor, furniture, and counters lately, you might want to check out your air vents.

When air ducts are blocked due to accumulating dirt, the HVAC blows in air filled with dust. This explains why your home is dustier than usual.

4. Insect and Rodent Infestation

Have you noticed insect and pest droppings near your vents? There is a high chance you will also find droppings in your vents. After calling pest control services, you should reach out to air duct cleaners. Getting rid of all signs of pest infestation in your home should prevent health problems in your home.

Duct cleaning is an essential home maintenance practice. Watch out for these signs discussed above to know whether it's time to reach out for professional cleaning services.

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