Mold Remediation: 3 Signs Of Mold You Shouldn'T Ignore

There's no doubt that mold plays a crucial environmental role. Without it, there wouldn't be as many natural ways of breaking down organic wastes such as dead trees, fallen branches, and leaves.

However, mold is something that shouldn't be in your home. The fact that it can grow on carpets, papers, and even wood means that it can cause a lot of destruction. As if that's not enough, this contaminant can affect your respiratory health. With that in mind, you should call in a trustworthy mold remediation company immediately you notice any of the following signs.

1. Musty Smell    

Most homeowners tend to spray air fresheners whenever they smell weird odors. You should be wary of this as sometimes air fresheners only mask the smell of a much more serious issue.

If there's a weird smell in your living space, mold remediation should be the first thing that crosses your mind. During the colonization process, mold produces a musty odor, explaining why your house will have a pungent smell. Never overlook any odd smells in your home as they are usually a warning sign that all is not well.

2. Discoloration

As previously mentioned, mold can grow on different surfaces, including carpets, wallpapers, and wood. Considering that mold comes in different colors from black, white, and brown, it can discolor various items in your house.

Discoloration might not sound like a big deal, but it can reduce your property's aesthetic value and put off a potential buyer should you want to sell the house. What's more, the discoloration can make crucial documents like lease contracts appear messy or difficult to read.

The good news is that an experienced mold remediation company has the skills and equipment to fix the problem. As a result, you are assured that your home will always look stunning.

3. Allergy Symptoms     

From sneezing and skin rashes to red eyes and a runny nose, mold can cause many health problems. If you or a family member has developed any of these signs lately, consulting with a mold remediation professional should be your top priority. Note that failure to fix the mold problem means that you may remain sick, especially if you live with asthma or any other respiratory condition.

There are many ways to know when there's a mold infestation in your home. A musty smell is among the most obvious because mold does emit a stuffy odor as it grows. Discoloration also suggests that there's a mold issue since this contaminant produces spores of different colors. Last but not least, increased allergy symptoms in your household tell you that it's time to contact a seasoned mold remediation service. 

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