Ensure That Your Warehouse Janitorial Service Will Perform These Jobs

If your company has recently opened a warehouse, one of the tasks that you'll need to complete is hiring a warehouse janitorial service to keep this space clean. It's ideal to look for a cleaning service that has experience dealing with warehouse environments, as they present unique challenges to other types of commercial spaces. You may wish to speak to a couple of janitorial services and have them each send a representative to your warehouse to discuss the cleaning work that you need and then give you a price quote. During this phase of the process, you'll want to confirm that the service you choose can perform these jobs.

Cleaning Warehouse Machinery

Beyond the standard cleaning tasks that are necessary in any commercial environment, there are other jobs that are important in a warehouse environment, including cleaning any machinery that your employees use. You may have multiple forklifts, for example, that your employees use to store and retrieve items from the shelves. Confirm that your cleaning service will clean your forklifts to your satisfaction. This could include washing the exterior, scrubbing down the controls, and performing other similar jobs on each forklift.

Cleaning Shelving Units

Over time, the shelving units in your warehouse can get dirty. A layer of dust can settle on them, and they may also acquire dirt or grime from any products that begin to leak. It's unlikely that you'll need your shelving units cleaned each time your cleaning professionals visit your warehouse, but this is a duty that should be on the to-do list around a set schedule — perhaps once every 30 or 60 days, for example. Clean shelves can help to maintain the cleanliness of the products that you store on them. This can prevent your warehouse staff from having to clean certain products before shipping them.

Deep-Cleaning Problem Areas

Your warehouse cleaning professionals will clean the warehouse floor each time that they visit, but they may need to spend extra time on problem areas of the floor. For example, if one of your forklifts had an oil leak, a significant volume of oil may have soaked into the floor — thus requiring a deeper cleaning than usual to rectify this part of the warehouse. Spills of paint and other products can also leave major messes on the floor that you'll want your cleaning professionals to competently remove. Once you've found a service that can perform the basics plus these warehouse-specific tasks, you can hire it.

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