Hiring A Cleaning Service For Your Business

Keeping your office or place of business clean is essential, and sometimes there is not enough time during the day to clean things yourself. Hiring a cleaning service like RM Industries can be a good option, and depending on the company you choose, you may be able to tailor the services to your needs. 

Basic Cleaning Services

For small companies that need someone to come and clean their offices a couple of times a week, hiring a janitorial cleaning service may be the perfect fit. Most janitorial cleaning services can come to your business while you are there or after hours and clean up for you. 

Emptying the trash, vacuuming, and dusting surfaces are just a few things you can request. Most janitorial service will also clean the bathrooms for you, mop floors that need it, and some of them will even wash the inside of windows or glass partitions in the office. If you have detail work that you would like done around the office, you may need to negotiate that with the cleaning service and the cost of the service may be a little higher, but most companies will work with you on special requests.

Cleaning Equipment and Supplies

Most cleaning services will bring the supplies and equipment they need for your office when they arrive. The cost of cleaners and supplies that are necessary for the job are typically part of the price of the service. You shouldn't get a bill for any supplies unless you request the cleaning service to use something specific that they usually would not buy. 

Often the cleaning crew will arrive in a van with all the things they need in it, but if you are hiring a service to clean every night for you, providing a closet that they can lock supplies and equipment in could be very helpful. In that situation, the cleaners should be the only ones that have a key to the closet, so there is never a question about the safety and security of their equipment and supplies. 

Overnight or Daytime Cleaning

Depending on the kind of business you are running, cleaning your offices or facility during business hours can be distracting. Often it is better to have the cleaning service come in at night after everyone is gone so that they can clean, vacuum, and empty trash cans without being in the way or disrupting business.

Talk with the cleaning service to determine if overnight cleaning is possible and the best way to handle the entry and exit from the building. If you prefer to have cleaners come during the day, keep in mind that you may have to let them work around you a little, and you and your staff will need a little patience as the janitorial cleaning service cleans up the office for you.

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