Why Paver Sealing Is Beneficial And A Look At How It's Done

If you have a paver driveway, or a patio or pool deck made of pavers, you know how they can develop dirt, oil, and algae stains that make your property less attractive. Applying sealer every few years will keep your pavers cleaner and also help them last longer. Here's why paver sealing is beneficial and an overview of how it's done.

Why You Should Seal Your Pavers

A sealer is a protective coating that's applied to the surface of the pavers. This coating creates a waterproof barrier that keeps rain from draining between the pavers or being soaked up by the concrete. The coating can also protect against UV exposure and wear and tear. The coating wears away because of the wear and tear, but it protects the pavers in the process. When the coating is worn down, it can be replaced for ongoing protection.

Paver sealing also helps your driveway, patio, or pool deck look clean and attractive. The coating can enhance the color of the pavers and prevent sun fading. The coating also blocks stains and makes the surfaces easier to keep clean. The sealer can also keep weeds from growing between the pavers, which can often be an ongoing problem.

How Paver Sealing Is Done

The first step is to repair any damage to the driveway or deck if it's present. Then, the surface has to be cleaned. This is usually done with a pressure washer that can drive out deep dirt, oil, and algae. Cleaning solutions might be needed as well so the surface of the pavers is as clean as possible. The cleaning process might remove some of the sand that is packed between the pavers, and if so, the sand has to be replaced.

The paver sealing company will choose the right type of product for your purposes. You can select one that has a dull finish or one that gives a clear coat with a little shine. Coatings can be thick or thin, and they have a different price range. Some can be applied right after cleaning, while others are applied after the pavers have had time to dry fully. Applying the sealer is similar to painting, and the work has to go fairly fast so the entire surface can be coated before the sealer gets too dry.

Even though the sealer may seem dry soon after it's applied, you'll probably need to wait a couple of days before you can use your driveway again. The outdoor temperature and humidity play a role in how quickly the sealer will set and be ready for use. Contact a company like Respectable Group, LLC to learn more.

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