Important Steps For Controlling Mold In Your Home

Your home probably has some mold growing in it from time to time. Mold spores circulate throughout the air constantly and fall onto the surfaces in your home. If circumstances are right, the spores can grow and spread. The key to controlling mold is to make your home less hospitable to the spores. There's not a lot you can do about eliminating spores or their food source, since they eat a wide variety of materials. However, you can control another important component, which is moisture. Here's a look at controlling mold in your home and when you need to call a mold remediation service for help.

Repair Plumbing Problems That Allow Water Leaks

All plumbing leaks must be repaired quickly. Even tiny leaks can lead to mold since the water increases humidity, and humidity can cause mold to grow. Plus, if a drip falls on the wall, floor, or sink cabinet, then the material stays wet and provides the mold with two important things it needs: food and moisture. If you have a plumbing leak that's already caused mold growth behind a wall or under the floor, call a mold remediation company to clean up the mold so the plumber has safe working conditions to make repairs.

Watch Your Roof For Leaks

Check your attic occasionally for roof leaks so you can have them repaired promptly. A roof leak that goes on for a long time can cause water damage and mold growth in the attic, on the insulation, and along the ceiling and walls of the room below. Widespread mold like this needs to be cleaned up by a professional mold remediation company for a couple of reasons. For one, you want to minimize the release of mold spores that spread through your home during the process, and that requires special equipment. For another, cleaning up mold can be dangerous work because it requires scrubbing the mold or handling moldy materials and that creates a risk of breathing in the mold and causing health problems.

Track Down Mildew Odors

It's frustrating to smell mildew in your home and not know where it's coming from, but tracking it down is important so the mildew and mold can be eliminated. Your basement or crawlspace should be examined along with the attic and other areas of your home where you don't visit often. If you can't find the mold, then it is probably behind building materials or under carpet. You may need a mold expert to find the mold so it can be removed. Just don't ignore moldy odors because that's a sure sign your home is in need of help.

For more information, contact mold remediation services.

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