Seven Things You Should Do to Get Your Carpets Ready for Professional Cleaning

The better prepared you are for your carpet cleaning service to arrive, the more effectively your carpet cleaning service will be able to clean your carpets.

There are a few preparation tasks you'll want to take care of so that your carpet cleaners can get right to work and won't be obstructed while they're cleaning.

The following are seven things you should do to get your carpets ready for professional cleaning:


1. Remove clutter from your carpeted floors

The first thing you should do is get any clutter off of your floors. If you've got shoes, clothing, trash cans, rugs, or anything else on your carpets, you need to get rid of it so that the carpets can be cleaned.

2. Move small furniture pieces to other rooms

You might be having your carpets cleaned around your larger furniture pieces like beds and sofas. However, smaller furniture pieces like coffee tables and night stands can easily be removed so that the carpets beneath them can be cleaned.

3. Vacuum your carpets

Once you've got everything cleared off your carpets, you should also vacuum them. Vacuuming your carpets will get rid of any debris or residue within your carpet fibers. Removing debris beforehand will ensure a more thorough cleaning. 

4, Get any fragile possessions out of the way 

Carpet cleaning is a big job that typically involves heavy equipment. Therefore, any fragile or particularly valuable possessions you have in your carpeted rooms should be cleared away. This will make it so that your most valuable possessions won't get damaged during cleanings.

5. Pin up any curtains or drapes that are hanging down

If you have curtains or drapes in your interiors that are hanging down close to your carpeting, it's important to get them out of the way. Carpet cleaning equipment could potentially damage curtains and drapes if they are not pinned up.

6. Clear some parking spaces in your driveway or on your street

The carpet cleaning service will likely have a lot of equipment and large vehicles to unload before they can get to work. It will, therefore, speed things up if you clear some space for them to park and unload before they arrive.

7. Get kids and pets out of the way

Kids and pets can get in the way of cleaners. You should make arrangements to keep kids and pets elsewhere so that they don't create any obstacles during cleaning. 

If you follow these seven steps, you'll find that you and the carpet cleaning service will have an easier time. It doesn't take long to prepare to get your carpets cleaned, but the effort you put into it will make a big difference.

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