4 Ways To Keep Your Carpets Clean This Winter

Winter can be really tough on your carpets. Snow, dirt, and the salt used to treat the snow can get tracked into your home. All of these substances can be really tough on your carpet. However, by being proactive, you can protect your carpets this winter.

#1 Get Door Mats

The first thing you need to do is get some doormats. You are going to want to use these doormats both inside and outside all exterior doors. This will allow you two chances to wipe the snow, dirt, and salt off your feet before you step foot into the home. Doormats are a great way to protect the floor and are an affordable investment. You don't have to purchase fancy door mats; you can pick some up at your local discount store.

#2 Have a Place for Your Shoes

Next, you need to have a place for your family to put their shoes. You don't want them taking off their shoes and leaving them anywhere. You want to put in a shoe rack so that your family has a dedicated place to put their shoes. A shoe rack will ensure that the shoes are not tracked through your home, and will keep all the dirt that could potentially fall off your shoes in one place. Keep a hand vacuum near where you store your shoes, and use the hand vacuum to clean up around your shoes on a daily basis.

#3 Stay on Top of Vacuuming

Make sure that you stay on top of vacuuming. Vacuum any high-traffic area a couple of times a week. If you notice salt has gotten onto your carpets, vacuum it up right away. The longer salt sits on your carpet, the more harm it can do. Salt doesn't leave a stain on your carpet. Instead, the harsh granules cut away at the fibers of your carpet, causing damage that you can't fix.

If you see salt that has settled in and is stuck to your carpet, don't pull at it. Instead, mix together some water and vinegar, spray it on the solution, and brush or blot at the salt. This should help you remove the salt. Then vacuum the area again once it is dry.

#4 Work With a Professional

Finally, especially if you live somewhere where snow is a regular part of winter for you, schedule to have your carpets professional cleaned once every winter. Carpet cleaning services can easily come in and remove the salt from your carpet.

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