3 Must-Have Landscaping Tasks Before Placing Home On The Market To Sell

If you have recently decided to sell your home, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the various tasks needed to get it ready for showings. A clean, organized home does appeal to buyers more than a messy, cluttered home, but the interior is not the only area you should focus on when preparing your house for the market. Landscaping is an essential part of your home's curb appeal, so ensuring your lawn, flowerbeds, shrubs, and trees are healthy and appealing is smart. If you are preparing to list your home on the market to sell, here are a few must-have landscaping tasks to complete.

Love your Lawn

Your lawn most likely takes up a large portion of your landscape design, so understanding why you should give this grass some love should be easy to see.

Pull any weeds in your lawn to get started. Weeds not only negatively affect the appeal of your lawn, but they can also become a problem as they grow, threatening to kill your grass.

Depending on the season, apply fertilizer to your lawn. Fertilizing during the spring and fall seasons is usually best no matter what type of grass you have planted.

Finally, mow your lawn before photos of your home are taken. Watering the lawn right before pictures are taken will also be beneficial, since the moisture will make your lawn look lush and healthy. You should also mow and water the grass before any showings, too.

Freshen Up Flowerbeds

Move through your flowerbeds and natural areas, removing any weeds and dead plants. Use pruning shears to trim off any discolored, decaying, or dead branches, limbs, and foliage. Pick up and remove any debris, such as trash, pinecones, tree limbs, and petals from the flowerbeds, as well.

After cleaning up these areas, add new pine straw or mulch to the flowerbeds. Use a rake and your hands to spread the straw or mulch all around the plants, filling any holes in the flowerbeds and creating a nice backdrop to the rest of your shrubs, flowers, and trees.

Create with Color

Now that the majority of your landscape is cleaned up, you can have a little fun incorporating new plants and accessories to improve your curb appeal.

Plant colorful flowers in a few pots and arrange on your front porch. Or, plant simple green plants, such as boxwood shrubs, ferns, or succulents, in colorful pots. Annual flowers are inexpensive plants to add to your flowerbeds, but they add large pops of color that enhance your curb appeal.

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