3 Factors To Take Into Consider When Buying A Commercial Vacuum Cleaner For Your Business

When purchasing a commercial vacuum for your business, you want to make sure that you purchase a vacuum that will cover all of your cleaning needs. You want to be able to have one vacuum that will cover all of your cleaning needs.

#1 The Type of Surfaces You Need to Clean

First, you need to take into consideration the types of surfaces that you want to use the vacuum cleaner on. Do you only need to clean carpets? Do you need to clean tile or vinyl flooring? Do you need to clean upholstery?

If you need to clean flat flooring surfaces, such as tile or vinyl, you need a commercial vacuum cleaner that allows you to change the height of the vacuum cleaner. You need a vacuum cleaner that allows you to lower the head for flatter flooring surfaces.

If you need to clean things, such as upholstery, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner that comes with special attachments that allow you to clean the upholstery and other smaller items.

#2 The Type of Bags or Canisters

Second, you need to determine what type of bags or canisters you want to deal with. Do you want to have a canister that you pull out and empty the contents out of? Having a canister style vacuum can be nice because you don't have to keep bags on hand and you don't have to train your employees on how to change the bags every time the vacuum cleaner is full. However, canisters can create their own messes when you open, empty them, and put them back into place.

Some people really like bags because it keeps all of the dirt contained. If you need to keep a really clean set-up, like in a health care center, bags may be better as the dirt will not have a chance to get out once it gets in.

#3 Mobility of the Unit

Third, you need to consider the mobility of the unit. Do you want a unit that is self-contained, where you pull around the base of the unit with you as you move around? Or do you want a unit where there is a solid base that stays in place with a long cord that you move around?

Do you need a lightweight vacuum cleaner that can easily be carried up and down the stairs? Or is a heavy unit that stays in the same area okay? Think about where you will use the vacuum cleaner and how easy it needs to be for your workers to move the vacuum cleaner around.

If your business needs a new commercial vacuum, think about what type of surfaces you need to clean using the vacuum, how mobile you need the vacuum to be, and if you want the vacuum cleaner to have bags or a canister. Contact a service, like Peerless Building Maintenance, for further help.

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