Tips To Help You Pick The Right Bubble Wrap Packaging For Your Needs

If you need to pack up some of your things before a move or if you simply need to box up items so your cluttered business can be cleaned, then bubble wrap may be one of your most essential supplies. However, there are many different types of wrap you can buy. Keep reading to learn about some tips that can help you choose the right wrap for your needs.

Look At Bubble Size

Bubble wrap comes in many different sizes with bubbles that are both small and large. For most purposes, the average sized medium bubbles work well to keep items safe, secure, and protected. However, if you have small items that you are packing up, then smaller bubbles will fit your needs. Larger items should be protected with larger bubbles. Keep in mind that bubble size does not simply refer to the width of the bubble, but the height as well. 

As bubbles get larger, they typically will sit farther away from one another. This is why it is a good idea to pack small things in wrap with smaller bubbles. If the bubbles sit closer to one another, they can offer more cushioning than if they sit farther apart from one another. 

If you want added protection or cushioning for both small and large items, then you can use two layers of the wrap. The bubbles should face the object when you secure the inside layer. The outside layer should be arranged so the bubbles face outward. 

Investigate Materials

If you have fairly standard packaging needs, then common wrap is typically a good choice. Bubble wrap is commonly made from polyethylene plastic and is created in two separate layers. The bubble layer sits on top and a flat layer lines the bottom. 

While common bubble wrap meets most packaging needs, it can produce static electricity. This occurs as the wrap is rubbed together or when the wrap comes into contact with objects and creates friction. If you are packaging up electronic items, then the static charge can damage them. 

If you need to wrap up cell phones, computer monitors, televisions, computer chips, computers, or any other type of electronic, then make sure to purchase anti-static bubble wrap. The wrap is made out of the same polyethylene as normal bubble wrap, but it is covered with a chemical material that resists a static charge. Anti-static bubble wrap is easily recognizable because it is pink. This coloring is used to identify the wrap from typical white and light blue varieties. 

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