Common Grout Cleaning Questions Homeowners Can Benefit From Having Answered

The grout in your kitchen will be among the most important features for preventing water damage from occurring to the area around the shower or bath. Unfortunately, there are homeowners that will neglect to properly care for their grout, which can expose their home to some unsightly damages and problems.

Can Any Stain Be Removed From Grout?

Staining is a particularly common form of damage that grout can sustain. Over time, soap scum, dirt, and other substances can gather on the grout, and these materials will eventually be able to seep into the various pores that can be found in grout.

Many minor or mild stains can be fairly easy to remove with the use of strong grout cleaning solutions. Typically, these cleaning agents will need to stay on the grout for up to several hours before they are able to provide the desired results. In situations where the staining is especially deep and severe, the only option for restoring the grout might be to have it replaced.

What Steps Can You Do To Minimize Staining?

Luckily, there are steps that homeowners can actively take to reduce the amount of staining that their grout will have. An effective way of reducing the staining of your grout is to clean it on a regular basis. By thoroughly scrubbing the grout every few weeks, you can remove these substances before they are able to work into the grout. Another step that can be taken is to apply a protective sealant to the grout because sealants will close the pores.

Do Cracks And Chips In The Grout Need To Be Repaired?

Grout is a highly durable material, but it can still experience cracking and chipping. When this problem develops, it will allow moisture and water to seep behind the surface of the grout. When this problem develops, it is important for you to act quickly in order to limit the risk of rot and mold striking. Repairing chipped or cracked grout will require the use of special grout filler. This substance will be able to bond to the current grout, which makes it ideal for repairing cracks and chips. Prior to applying the grout filler, make sure that the area being repaired has been fully cleaned or else the grout filler will not bond correctly, which would lead to the cracks and chips returning. Also, you will want to wait at least one full day before using the bath or shower so that the grout filler can cure.

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