Repairing A Water-Damaged Bathroom: How To Prep The Room

Flooding in your bathroom can leave behind significant damage, from warped floor tiles to mold growth under the floor. A water damage restoration company can help you to repair the damage, but there are a few things you can do ahead of time to prep the bathroom for repairs. Use this guide to get your bathroom ready before your contractors arrive.

Dry Out The Room

One of the first things you'll want to do is dry out the room. This will help prevent mold growth, and it can make the cleanup process go a bit more smoothly. Use your exhaust fan to help remove moisture from the air, and use an air mover fan to help dry out the flooring. You may be able to rent one of these fans from your local home improvement store. Be sure to use a GFCI outlet to plug in your fan, as these outlets are rated for use in wet or damp areas, and don't place the fan on a wet surface.

Shut Off The Water

You'll likely have turned off the water during the initial problem in your bathroom, but if you've turned it back on to use the tub, sink, or toilet, you'll want to shut it off before any repair work starts. This will enable you to remove fixtures as needed to expose the damaged flooring in the room. You can shut off the valve near the toilet if it is the only plumbing fixture you'll need to remove, but for bigger repairs, you'll need to turn off the main valve to your home. Your water damage restoration service may be able to help you with this if you don't know where the main shutoff valve is located.

Remove Personal Items And Toiletries

Clearing the bathroom of all toiletries, linens, and other personal items will give your contractors better access to the space. If you had any toiletries stored in the vanity cabinets and drawers, they may need to be thrown away after the flooding. You can wash towels in hot water and detergent with bleach to get them clean. You may want to wash them more than once for added piece of mind. If your bathroom rugs were waterlogged, you can air them out to dry and then wash them, or you may choose to replace them with new rugs.

Once you've dried out the room, turned off the water, and removed all personal items from the space, you are ready to begin the restoration process. Get an estimate from a water damage restoration company like A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning that includes the cost of the work and the length of time the repairs will take, as this will help you to budget your money and your time for the repairs.

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