Creating a Customer Friendly Storefront

If you run your own small business then you want to do everything you can to capture the attention and interest of as many potential customers as possible. The more appealing you make your business look to them, the better the chances are that they will make their way inside and choose you for their needs.  

This article is full of great tips and ideas on some of the many things you can do to create a customer friendly storefront that can help you to gain more clientele.

Provide a sitting area out front

If you have enough space to put a bench or even a small table and some chairs, then you should do so. You will be providing a nice sitting spot for anyone who is thinking about coming into your business, but who may have shown up a little bit early. Without anywhere to sit, they may leave and decide to come back when you are open. However, this is how a lot of customers are lost. They may never show back up again to walk through those doors. Having a nice spot for people to sit also just gives your business a friendly and inviting feeling.

Have clearly posted hours and stick to them

It's very important for you to make sure you let people know exactly what your hours of operation are. Place a sign right in the front window and make sure you clearly mark each day and the hours you are open in a thick and black lettering that's easy to see from the car. You may want to go wit in your car to make sure you have the writing large enough. Make sure you are always open during the hours you have posted. You can really lose customers fast when they get frustrated coming by to find you are closed when you are supposed to be open.

Keep your storefront and windows clean

You want to be sure you sweep the porch area in front of your storefront and sweep all of the sidewalk leading to your business. Pick up any trash that's even out in the parking lot. Any areas that are dirty around your shop are going to have a negative impact on the shop itself. It's also a good idea to hire companies like All Kleen to come out on a regular basis and make sure your windows are all nice and clean. Having clean windows makes it look like you really care about your business and have pride in what you do.

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