Trying To Keep The Carpet Clean With Several Cats In Your House?

A person who lives alone will have an easy time keeping the carpet clean in their home, especially when they do not have many visitors. This becomes a little more challenging when introducing more people, and even more so when you bring children or pets into the mix with their unpredictability. If you have several cats in your home and find yourself getting professional carpet cleaning on a frequent basis, you should look at ways that you can minimize wear and tear and avoid using this service so often.

Get a Horizontal and Vertical Scratcher

Each cat has their own preference when it comes to scratching. One cat might prefer horizontal so much to the point that they will not do any scratching unless they have a horizontal scratcher. It is ideal to create a balance in your home to accommodate all your cats to reduce the chance of carpet damage. When a cat scratches the carpet, it is easy for the fibers to get damaged or torn and then look extremely worn.

Put Down a Large Litter Mat

Getting a litter box with high sides will reduce the chances of litter escaping the box, but it will still happen to an extent. What a litter mat does is pick up any litter that may have got stuck in between the pads of your cats. If they happen to step out of the litter box with a dirty piece of litter, it may end up getting elsewhere in the home.

Trim Their Nails Regularly

Another thing that can lead to carpet damage is nail trimming. A cat that runs around with enormous nails is likely dangerous to carpet due to their tendency to run with their claws out. Trimming them will reduce the chances for this to happen, but you may want to consider getting nail caps as a backup. You can apply them as soon as the carpet is cleaned to keep it that way for a decent amount of time.

Just having cats means you are going to have more trouble than others due to the extra responsibilities in the home. Fortunately, you can implement some or all of these methods to minimize the chance of damage, and then you can follow up with the occasional professional cleaning service to keep things tidy. Click here for more info about clean carpets when you have pets in the home.

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