Why Your Solar Panels Need A Professional Cleaning Service

Have you decided to go green with your energy use, installing solar panels on your roof? Does the generated electricity fluctuate but is typically somewhat less than when the panels were first installed? While solar panels don't need much in the way of maintenance, they do need to be cleaned from time to time. Bird droppings, leaves, and even dust can partially block the sun's rays, preventing your panels from getting that energy. While you could try to clean your panels yourself, here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a solar panel cleaning service instead:

Keep yourself safe: You could try to clean off the panels by simply squirting them with a hose from ground level, but that may not be sufficient to remove everything. Unfortunately, climbing up on a ladder can be extremely dangerous. Thousands of people every year are injured when they fall off of a ladder. While only a handful of these are fatal accidents, many of them still result in trips to the emergency room. If you want to avoid being a statistic as a result of a fall off of your ladder or your roof, hire a solar panel cleaning service to take the risk for you.

Protect delicate panels: Although solar panels are rugged enough to stay outside all year long, they can still be damaged. Using the wrong cleaner or cleaning tool on a solar panel can result in the panel becoming cracked, scratched, or otherwise damaged. The panel may still generate some electricity, but should likely be replaced as soon as possible. A solar panel service will have employees who have been trained in how not to damage a solar panel. They will also have the proper tools and equipment so that they can clean your solar panels quickly and efficiently without causing harm to your solar setup.

Better efficiency: Even if you manage to clean off your solar panels seemingly successfully, you could still have problems. Many cleaning products will leave behind a residue, even if the container says that they don't. This residue will either attract further dirt or else it can block just as much light as the dirt it removed. A solar panel cleaning service like LA Solar Cleaners will know exactly how to clean your panels so as not to leave anything behind. This should leave your panels running with the same sort of efficiency that they had when they were first installed. 

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