Want To Make Carpet Cleaning Last? 3 Things To Do In Preparation

Keeping your house clean has numerous benefits such as maintaining a happy family, keeping allergy symptoms to a minimum, and making it easy to breathe inside with better air quality. You might vacuum the carpet on a consistent basis, but you may not feel that you are getting all of these benefits. Making the decision to invest in professional carpet cleaning is smart, but you also need to do several things before you get this service to make sure the work that is done lasts a long time.

Clean the Surrounding Area Beforehand

Before you clean the carpet on your own, and especially before professional cleaning, you need to clean the surrounding area. This means you should go through all of the furniture and wipe each piece down including the top, bottom, sides, and especially the legs. You should also find and clean every electronic device in your home such as televisions, Blu-ray players, speakers, and computers. It is even crucial to remove ceiling fan blades, curtains, and blinds to give them a deep clean. This will make it so that nothing in your home is harboring dirt and dust that can just fall onto the carpet shortly after.

Make a Crucial Tweak at Home

Most people have a welcome mat at their front door, but you can take it a step further. Add an indoor mat at the front entrance to provide another layer of protection. If carpet is the first thing you step on, this needs to become a top priority because it will get dirty faster than anywhere else in the home.

Upgrade Your Vacuum

It might seem like the vacuum that you use does an excellent job. If it is picking up everything on the top layer of the carpet and the canister is quickly filling up as you vacuum, you may not notice anything strange. This is primarily a problem for carpets with high pile because it is easy for layers of dirt to hide under the top layer, unable to be picked up by a standard, low-power vacuum. In this case, you should upgrade to a new vacuum that can reach deep into the fibers to provide a deep cleaning. This will ultimately reduce dirt buildup and help you extend how often you need carpet cleaning.

Following these three simple and easy-to-follow steps will have you extra satisfied with the long-term results of carpet cleaning.

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