Have Your Cleaning Company Reduce The Risk Of Illness In Your Office With These Methods

When you run a business, sick employees cost you money and productivity. Unfortunately, there are certain times of the year that colds and other viruses may be common among your workforce, leading to the germs spreading from one employee to another. Pretty soon, your workforce may be depleted as multiple people take sick days. While individuals can take a number of steps to lessen their risk of getting sick, you can make the office environment healthier by talking to your commercial cleaner about what can be done to fight germs. Here are some specific jobs that you should ask your cleaning company to perform.

Disinfect Commonly Touched Surfaces

Your cleaning service can curb the spread of germs by diligently cleaning each of the surfaces in the office that your employees commonly touch. This means that things such as phone handsets, doorknobs, computers, keyboards, bathroom faucets, photocopier buttons, and other such areas should all be treated with disinfectant wipes or spray. By treating each of these areas, your cleaning service can reduce the germs that are sitting around your office and waiting to be picked up on peoples' hands. If there appears to be a cold bug outbreak in your office, you might even wish to have your cleaner arrive between regularly scheduled cleanings to perform this task.

Empty The Garbages Promptly

During cold season, employees' garbage bins can quickly fill up with used tissues, meaning that these germs remain present in the office. You may wish to speak to your cleaning service about emptying the garbages multiple times per week during cold season. For example, if your cleaner arrives twice a week as part of the cleaning schedule, having him or her come three or four times during the week that the cold virus seems to be affecting your staff the most can remove these extra sources of germs.

Stock Hand Sanitizer

Many cleaning services will provide hand sanitizer in key locations, such as outside a bathroom or elevator. During cold season, it's a good idea to ask your cleaning service to provide more of these cleaning stations — and perhaps even leave refillable bottles of hand sanitizer in each employee's office. This will compel people to keep their hands clean, which is paramount to avoiding the spread of germs. For example, when someone coughs or sneezes into a hand, he or she can quickly wash that hand before going and touching things around the office.

Contact a janitorial service like NYC Office Cleaners to learn more about how cleaners can help prevent the spread of germs during flu and cold season.

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