Bringing A Puppy Home? Use Reliable Methods To Protect The Carpeting

With the average size of homes being built and bought at around 2,500 square feet, you can expect to pay around $323 to $600 or higher for carpet cleaning when most of the house is covered in carpet. It makes sense to minimize wear and tear to the carpeting to avoid high costs for maintenance. If you are going to be bringing a puppy home shortly, you need to start planning for their arrival right away. Prioritizing carpet protection will lead to a better dog owning experience and it will save you money.

Buy Large Area Rugs for Protection

Some area rugs can cost a mini fortune, but you do not need to spend this much money on them. It is ideal to cover up the areas where you anticipate your puppy to spend a lot of time with area rugs. Dark, neutral colors are ideal as they will not show up stains caused by dirt, urine, and stool as easily. Area rugs are easier to clean and prevent from moisture damage because you can pick them up and move them. Once you puppy has grown into an adult, you may want to just get rid of the rugs. It may even be possible to sell them if you have enough luck with keeping them clean through the entire puppy stage.

Use Dog Boots for Going Outside

Dog paws are going to get dirty if your puppy outside. Even a well-manicured bed of grass is not going to stop their paws from picking up some dirt or grime that can dirty up the carpet in the home. The easiest solution is to put boots on their paws before going outside and then remove them before coming inside. This makes it easy to just clean the boots each time with a quick scrubbing, rinsing, and drying.

Keep the Pup in Certain Areas

It is not necessary to give your puppy access to the entire house. If you want them to have access to the living room in the day and your bedroom at night, you can always bring them there before going to sleep. This allows you to block off the hallway that leads to other bedrooms and possibly the front entrance. Avoiding puppy exposure to certain areas will keep them cleaner than other parts of the home.

Following these tips will help you keep your carpet clean enough to avoid excessive costs.

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