Tackling The Dilemma Of Bacteria In A Home's Carpeting

A dirty carpet can be much more than merely unsightly - although unsightly can also be a huge problem. Visitors walking through the front door of a home could be really turned off at the first sight of ugly stained carpeting. Dirt, spills, and organic matter all have the potential to really ruin the look of a good carpet. Dirty carpets also have the potential for becoming rife with bacteria. To ensure a carpet supports a healthy living environment, bringing in a home carpet cleaning company is well advised.

Bacteria Thrives

Stunningly, carpets can be home to some incredibly troubling bacteria. Carpets collect organic matter with a little help from the people who live in a home. Those who spill food and don't perform a proper cleanup, for example, are helping the carpet become fertile ground for bacteria. The different kinds of bacteria in a carpet may prove surprising. Even Salmonella can grow exponentially in carpet fibers.

The DIY Danger

Purchasing carpet cleaning products from a retail store may be the least costly approach to take, but it may be the least effective as well. In addition to the products likely being inadequate for fixing the problem, at-home carpet cleaners might even make things dramatically worse. Shockwaves have traveled through the home product consumer world with the revelation many dry carpet cleaning brands have been recalled. The products contained bacteria capable of causing respiratory infections. Booking the services of a professional carpet cleaning service should greatly increase the chances the carpet is cleaned right and greatly reduce the odds of adding bacteria to the carpets.  

Disinfecting the Carpet

A professional carpet cleaning may entail more than just deep cleaning and deodorizing the fibers. The carpeting may be completely sanitized with antibacterial agents. Most importantly, the sanitizing of the carpeting is sure to be done the right way. If an antibacterial spray has to soak deeply into the carpet for a set amount of time, the cleaning crew will ensure this step is followed to the letter.

Assisting the Cleaning Crew

Tell the cleaning crew about any concerns. Was a lot of food spilled on the carpeting? Has the pet dog been walking all over the carpet with dirty paws for months? Telling the carpet cleaning pros what has been going on allows them to take more effective steps to clean things up. A small assist to the cleaning crew does help the cause of killing off all those unwanted bacteria making a home in the carpet.

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