Protecting Your Baby's Room's Carpets Against Stains And Allergens: Cleaning Tips

Your baby's room is one of the most important spaces in your home, and you want the area to be safe. Allergens, such as pollen, dust, and even pet hair can cause your little one to get a stuffy nose or sneeze. Stains in the carpet can lead to unsightly floors as well as foul odors that carry bacteria, which can also affect the comfort of your child. You want to keep your baby healthy and comfortable, and their flooring has a lot to do with both of these things. Here are cleaning and care tips to keep your baby's room cleaner for your little one to enjoy.

Professionally clean the carpets bi-annually

It's wise to have your carpets cleaned a few times a year, but if this isn't your common practice you should at least perform this service in your baby's room. Professional steam cleaning equipment is used to lift stains and kill germs while lifting dirt and hair out of the fabric. This can reduce your baby's reactions to allergens without exposing them to potentially irritating chemicals.  

Avoid leaving liquids around

Late-night feedings can lead to half-full bottles being left around. Try to avoid this, as they can be tipped over to leave spills you may not see now, but will smell later. The same goes for other liquids, such as water, which can leave moisture in the carpet that left unchecked can lead to a mold issue. If you have spills in the room that have been recently cleaned, consider placing a fan on a low cycle to ventilate and help dry the carpeting.

Don't let other kids play in their room

Children are not as cautious as adults when it comes to tracking in dirt and debris on carpet and can unknowingly bring a lot of germs into your baby's room on their hands and the soles of their shoes. If you limit or eliminate play time in the baby's room for your other kids, it can help keep the carpeting much cleaner, which in turn can reduce germ and allergen exposure for your new child.

Babies have very sensitive airways and are not used to breathing unhealthy air. Since carpet stores a lot of dirt and other irritants, it's up to you to keep their flooring fresh and safe. In doing what you can to keep their carpets clean, your baby can transition to its new life much easier and breathe better during the night.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning service.

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