4 Important Things To Do Before Your Move

Are you moving to a new house or apartment? Are you wondering what to do so that everything runs smoothly? If you're moving out of a rental unit, here are some things to take care of while you're moving:

  • Cleaning behind appliances: Did the unit come supplied with a refrigerator, washer, dryer or other large appliance? If so, you'll want to unplug and disconnect everything, as part of the moving process. Get a friend or two to help you with the moving, if you have to. Once you've done this, you may find that dirt and debris from long before you moved in have been lurking behind and under the appliance. Regardless of whether the dust is yours or not, be sure to completely clean the mess. Otherwise, you could be the unlucky one who finally has the landlord check that area and end up being charged a cleaning fee.
  • Upholstery cleaning: Whether your current home came fully furnished or the furniture belongs to you, you'll want to have upholstery cleaning done before you move out. If the furniture belongs to your landlord, this will help assure that your deposit will be refunded to you. If the furniture belongs to you, a brief cleaning will help you assess your furniture's condition before the actual move. Once you've moved into your new place, a more complete upholstery cleaning can be done to remove the almost inevitable dirt and grime your furniture might pick up in the back of the moving van.
  • Area rug cleaning: If you own a beautiful area rug, now is the time to have it professionally cleaned. Being on the floor, it's sure to have picked up quite a bit of grime, simply by being used. Even if you vacuum regularly, a lot of dirt could remain. If the rug is packed into the moving van without being cleaned, this dirt could filter out and all over your neatly packed belongings. A professional cleaning will remove not only surface dirt, but also trapped and partially trapped grime that you may not have been aware existed, leaving your area rug almost as good as new.
  • Wall cleaning: Although you may not have been aware of it, your walls may have picked up dirt and grime as well. If you ever touched anywhere on the wall, some of the natural oil from your skin may have adhered and allowed dust from the air to settle. Because you've been living there, you may not have noticed the gradual dirtying of the walls in heavily trafficked areas. However, your landlord could notice and charge a repainting fee. Avoid this possibility by giving all the walls a careful and gentle cleaning with mild soap and water.

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